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make a wish!

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Anonymous whispered:
Can you try to release your paths soon?! owo I love them!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m working on it! i want to put the qr’s in a frame or something so people can’t put them into a program and change the qr’s credit (if you haven’t messed around with qr’s that prob sounds confusing! but it’s like being able to alter someone else’s pattern to claim it as your own) 

so i wanna figure that out before i release them! hopefully soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

first day back at school tomorrow! first day of my last year of undergrad :’)

mayor-fera replied to your post: tbh i can’t believe there are so many …

That can happen when you get a bunch of teenagers together

uuuugh i guess ! it’s super painful to watch people anonymously talk shit about each other on gossip blog. i’ve never been so glad to be an adult

tbh i can’t believe there are so many hate-based blogs for animal crossing users? it’s such a sweet innocent game i can’t believe the fandom can be so cruel to one another

haha chief pls just place your plot you’re so close ha haha ha…


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