the quiet town of camille.

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if you update your dream address while someone’s in the campsite will people be able to visit them in the dream?

Anonymous whispered:
Why didn't you have Erik move in????

my cousin’s husband’s name is erik and it would feel weird to have a character with the same name i guess hahaha

i’m camper resetting! everyone always says i must have crazy luck, so i’ll show you guys i get unpopular villagers while resetting too! here’s my camper list:

  1. roscoe
  2. doc
  3. rhonda
  4. merry
  5. erik
  6. poppy
  7. benjamin
  8. victoria
  9. portia
  10. nate
  11. scoot
  12. peggy
  13. rory
  14. jacques
  15. monty
  16. peggy AGAIN
  17. buck
  18. carmen
  19. pippy
  20. gruff




it me !

306k replied to your post: help me name my other female character…

that’s not on the list but it will be ok

i actually considered it because its p cute but i already have a character named wolfgang and i feel like if i named my other skye it would be very clear i’m imitating the wolf villagers ahahaha

help me name my other female character?



hi ok now that ruby is out of the way i’m gonna try to trade bob for either julian or diana if any of you are interested lemme know (´ヮ`)

congrats to pansytown / wargsansa !!!!!!!!!!!!!
and thank you to all who participated n 3 n