basically this is trying to decorate a villagers house in a nutshell

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mini house tour part one: main room & kitchen

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did a warm-up stitches doodle !

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【羊毛フェルト】今日はアタイが一番輝く日よ!チェキ ✿ しょみん@とび森プレイ中

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celebicutie replied to your post: i was planning on holding off releasin…

Honestly I would love I 10000x more after you release your dream address. I like to see how the creator’s use them first so I could get an idea of how it should look kinda.

thank you for your reply! the problem is my dream code may be a ways off! i have many more villagers to plot reset for and it’s taking forever uwu

i went in and fixed my coding so the link to my twitter shows again! sorry about that didn’t realize it wasn’t showing >w<